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There’s a saying that wisdom is what experience and a love of learning teaches you. There’s another saying that genius is knowing how to hide your sources.

They’re both right.

In Help Desk Manager’s Crash Course, you’ll find the shared experience of two of the industry’s most well-known practitioners. Phil Gerbyshak and Jeffrey M. Brooks offer an easy to read–and ready to implement–source for the new manager, or a great refresher for the seasoned one. Their combination of expertise and easy-to-grasp teaching veers something close to genius for a support desk reference, so it’s no surprise that HDI training leaders like Rick Joslin say “Gerbyshak and Brooks have done it again!”

When it comes to the taller tasks facing a new manager, there’s the kind of wisdom you need: How do I interview and hire quality people? How can I delegate effectively? What makes a great team, and great team-work, in the fast-paced environment of help-desks and the support field? These all-important chapters make the book an ideal choice to include in any hiring package for new managers.

Phil and Jeff’s unique insight will be obvious to the seasoned manager, too. Sections on measuring and managing performance, along with easy to implement metrics, will serve the newbie and the sage equally well. You’ll find a clear and thoughtful discussion of a vital but often overlooked skill: designing appraisals that encourage improvement rather than suspicion or resistance.

Crafted in an approachable style and format, Help Desk Manager’s Crash Course doesn’t tell, it shows. Via clear example and revealing anecdote, Phil and Jeff demonstrate that the job of a help desk manager can be a satisfying role built around a magnetic idea: a few simple metrics, a great attitude, and enabling others to succeed are a manager’s biggest secret.

Browse one of the sample sections linked above. After a few pages we think you’ll be more than ready to put the authors’ ideas to work on both the hard and soft sides of your career challenges and your opportunities as a help desk manager. Whether you tell anyone the source for your new-found wisdom, well, that’s up to you.

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Alan Kristal June 30, 2009 at 11:55 am

Great HDI SPIN Webinar!
Thanks Phil!

Doris Smith June 30, 2009 at 4:51 pm

One of the best webinars HDI has sponsored.

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